Whenever people say Molly deserves better than Sherlock there is one question I have to ask…


I used to ask “why do you hate John Watson”, as this statement seemed to frequently come from Johnlockers. But they’re not the only ones who say it and I do think it’s more on point to look at it from Sherlock’s side of things.

Saying “Molly deserves better” ignores all of the character development Sherlock has gone through over the past three series. I would agree, Molly deserves better than cold Sherlock from “A Study in Pink”, who thinks nothing of insulting her lips. Sherlock in “The Blind Banker”, who has no problem manipulating her to get to a corpse.

But that is not who Sherlock is anymore. Yes, he has rough edges… But he has grown up. Would Sherlock in series one accept John moving out of Baker Street to be with his wife? Would he deliver a very heartfelt— if unconventional— speech honouring his friend and his bride? Would he take Molly out on cases simply to thank her? Would he ignore the obvious pining she is doing for him by becoming engaged to someone who looks like him? Would he shoot someone in the head to protect Mary? Yes MARY. He was protecting Mary and Mycroft when he killed Magnussen.

Is Sherlock still an arsehole? Yes, of course he is. Just look at what he did to Janine. But with the people he cares about… He is an incredible friend. And that includes Molly. As Moffat say, Sherlock adores and loves Molly. The only time he says a single word against her is when he’s on heroin.

And much of Sherlock’s growth has come through his interactions with Molly. She is the first person he apologized to. She sees the parts of him he tries to hide from everyone else and calls him out on it.

It’s not Molly’s job to “fix” Sherlock, but she does make him better. So instead of passing Molly off to whatever random person you can think of because she “deserves better”, why don’t you instead think of the fact that Sherlock is finally no longer just a great man, but a good man. And it is in no small part to Molly.

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